The Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin (TGSA), a 501(C)3 was first established in 1977 as the Sociedad Genealógica de Austin. The purpose of TGSA is to foster excellence in genealogy through educational programs and projects that preserve, produce and disseminate knowledge of genealogical or historical value.

  • Assist with genealogical research
  • Promote authors who write about Hispanic history
  • Promote awareness of Hispanic history in schools and in our communities
  • Facilitate learning by hosting and attending genealogy conferences, historical events, arranging for speakers and presentations
  • Continue to promote the awareness of the Tejano Monument on the grounds of the State Capitol as a symbol of Hispanic contributions to the State of Texas.

The TGSA Board of Directors consists of the President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Communication Secretary, and Treasurer.

Elections are held in the Fall during even number years. The term is two years. See TGSA Bylaws for details regarding nominations and the election process.



Vice President

Recording Secretary

Cooresponding Secretary


Maria Solis

Melva Codina

Sue Ellen Jeffers

Lydia Hinojosa

Yolanda Alemán

President - Maria Solis

Vice President - Melva Codina

Recording Secretary - Sue Ellen Jeffers

Cooresponding Secretary - Lydia Hinojosa

Treasurer - Yolanda Alemán

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