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Tejano Book Award

In 2006 Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin (TGSA) members recognized that little was being written about Tejanos and their contributions to Texas and U.S. history. They established an award that would: (1) give Tejano Heritage books greater recognition from historians, scholars, academicians, film, television, and multimedia communities; and (2) put such published books in the spotlight and bring attention to Tejano Heritage, history and contributions.

This award was initially inspired by Dr. Clotilde P. Garcia, a physician, civic leader, activist, historian, author, genealogist, and a mother. The project, originally named the Clotilde P. Garcia Tejano Book Prize Award, through time has become known as the Tejano Book Award.

The process for the Tejano Book Award contest begins months before the Conference. First, the TGSA award committee selects a panel of three judges. This panel of three judges is comprised of university professors, historians, and /or authors. Publishing companies are notified of the contest and asked to submit books which they believe qualify for the Award to each of the three judges. Based on criteria provided by TGSA, the judges then select a book to be honored.

The author whose book focuses on Tejano heritage, history, and contributions is announced and recognized at the Annual Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference.

Award to Winner
  • $2000.00
  • One night stay at the conference hotel
  • Recognition at the State Hispanic Genealogical Conference banquet
  • Two complimentary banquet tickets
  • Book-signing session at the conference sponsored by TGSA
Books published between April of the previous year to May of the current year must meet the following criteria:
  1. Is non-fiction, scholarly, and peer reviewed.
  2. Topic of book focuses on Tejana/o history, heritage, or genealogy.
  3. Based on original research with full documentation, including a bibliograpy and footnotes or end notes.
  4. Writing style is clear, precise and well-organized.
  5. Contains substantial primary sources taken from a variety of documents, images and/or interviews.
  6. Appeals to general public, genealogists, and/or scholars.
  7. Illustrations, maps, photographs, and other visual materials supplement and relate to the topic of the book.
  8. Dust jacket design, title, chapter layout, paper quality, and legible font/print enhance the quality and appeal of the book.
  9. Author's thesis adds importance to the story
  10. Overall, the book is an enjoyable and interesting read that offers new information on the Tejano/a experience.
  11. All works entered must be published in a print format.
  12. Unpublished manuscripts and online publications will not be considered.
  13. Entry must be the first published version of the work.
Entry Form for 2024

Click for instructions and a downloadable Tejano Book Award Entry Form.

  1. Information on contest, listing criteria to be used, and deadlines for submitting entries, are sent to publishers.
  2. Judges (University professors and authors) are selected, given the criteria to be used, and the deadline for selection of a winner.
  3. Award and recognize the winning author at the conference banquet.
2023 Winners

2023   Sam W. Haynes
Unsettled Land: From Revolution to Republic, The Struggle for Texas

2023   Andrés Tijerina
Beasley’s Vaqueros: The Memoirs, Art, and Poems of Ricardo M. Beasley

Past Winners

Year     Author

2022   Áaron Sánchez
Homeland: Ethnic Mexican Belonging since 1900

2021   Dr Philis M Barragán Goetz
Reading, Writing, and Revolution: Escuelitas and the Emergence of a Mexican-American Identity in Texas

2020   Dr Miguel Ángel González-Quiroga
War and Peace on the Rio Grande Frontier, 1830-1880

2019   Dr Gabriela González
Redeeming La Raza: Transborder Modernity, Race, Respectability and Rights

2018   Harriett Denise Joseph
From Santa Anna to Selena: Notable Mexicans and Tejanos in Texas History Since 1821

2017    Dr. Jerry D. Thompson
Tejano Tiger

2016    Dr Arnoldo De León
Tejano West Texas

2015    Dr. Douglas A. Murphy
Two Armies on the Rio Grande: The Campaign of the US-Mexican War

2014    Dr. Emilio Zamora
The World War I Diary of José de la Luz Sáenz

2013    Dr Omar S Valerio-Jiménez
River of Hope: Forging Identity Nation in the Rio Grande Borderlands

2012    Dr. Thomas Kreneck
Del Pueblo: A History of Houston's Hispanic Community Tejanos In Grey

2011    Dr. Jerry D. Thompson
Tejanos In Grey

2010    Dr. Emilio Zamora
Claiming Rights and Righting Wrongs

2009    W. Eugene George
Lost Architecture of the Rio Grande

2008    Malcolm McLean
Voices From the Goliad Frontier

2007    Dr. Jerry D. Thompson
Cortina-Defending the Mexican Name in Texas