Members' Choice Award

In 2015 TGSA saw a need to honor self-published works like books and journals focusing on Tejano history, heritage and contributions. This new contest, the Members' Choice Award, has it's own set of criteria and judges. Publishing companies and self-published authors are sent information detailing the contest, criteria to be used, and deadlines for submitting entries. Judges, selected by the TGSA book prize committee, read the entries and select the winner.

As with the Tejano Book Award winner, the Members' Choice Award winner is announced and recognized at the Annual Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference.

Award to Winner
  • $500.00
  • One night stay at the conference hotel
  • Recognition at the State Hispanic Genealogical Conference banquet
  • Two complimentary banquet tickets
  • Book-signing session at the conference sponsored by TGSA
Self-published books and journals between April of the previous year to May of the current year must meet the following criteria:
  1. Availability to the general public
  2. Focus on Tejano history, heritage and genealogy
  3. Work is archival collection, historical and non-fiction
  4. Written work is clear, interesting and well organized
  5. Print on paper is attractive, legible and accessible
  6. Illustrations and graphics apply to content of written work
  7. Written work is useful to reader
  8. Written work is enjoyable to read
Entry Form

Click for instructions and a downloadable official Members' Choice Book Award Self-Published Entry Form.

  1. Contest information, listing criteria, and deadlines for submitting entries are sent to self-published authors and companies.
  2. A committee of three (3) TGSA members is selected to serve on the judges’ panel, given the criteria to be used, and the deadline for selection of a winner.
  3. Award and recognize the winning author at the conference banquet.

2023 Winner

2023   Mauricio Gonzalez
The Navarro Family of San Ygnacio, Texas

Past Winners

Year     Author

2022   No submissions

2021   Art Martínez de Vara
San Antonio Marriages, 1708-1846: Matrimony in Colonial, Mexican and Republican Texas

2020   Bruce Moses (deceased) and David Nickels
Roads to the Battle of Medina: A Search for the Lost Battlefield of Texas

2019   Art Martínez de Vara
Mission Espada After Secularization

2018   HOGAR de Dallas
Journal (HOGAR de Dallas) - v 20 (2017)

2017   Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society
Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society 2016 Journal Volume VI

2016   Villa San Agustin de Laredo Genealogical Society
Villa San Agustin de Laredo Genealogical Society 2015 Journal Volume XVII

2015    Jesse O Villarreal Sr
Rosters of Tejano Patriots of the American Revolution 1776-1783